Service & Maintenance

Ace Electric’s Service Team is equipped with some of the most sophisticated testing/analysis equipment available today. In the hands of our highly trained technicians, Ace can provide preventive/predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, system analysis, electrical upgrade and repair.

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Preventative/Predictive Maintenance

The scheduled repair is much more beneficial than the “emergency response” that could occur if no action is taken.


Ace utilizes the latest technology in data logging and analysis. Our power monitors can identify problems with voltage surges (spikes), phase loss or imbalance, or motor/circuit overload conditions.

Back-up/Emergency Power

An unexpected interruption or loss of power could be a disaster for many businesses. Ace offers complete solutions for back-up power systems, including design, installation and maintenance. These systems include generators, automatic transfer switches, and uninterruptible power systems (UPS’s). Ace has installed and maintains systems such as these in many venues, such as hospitals, data centers, supermarkets, distribution centers, operations centers, and industrial facilities.

Our UPS's provide quality backup for many industries, some examples are:

Data Centers


Distribution Centers


Operations Centers

Industrial Facilities

Thermal Imaging

Our infrared imaging system provides high-resolution thermographic images used to locate and isolate electrical “hot spots” which could result in component failure. Each thermal image is coupled with a digital photo of the equipment being monitored, which is then presented to the customer with an interpretation of the image, an explanation of potential problems, and solutions for repair.

Many problems can be repaired while the technicians are still on-site. A second thermal image can be made to verify the repair.

Power Quality Analysis

Power failures or distortion can disrupt productivity in many ways, including loss of motor/control circuitry, loss of information technology services, loss of processing/production capability, or total loss of power. Ace utilizes state-of-the-art technology in identifying problems, and offering solutions in areas where power quality is critical.