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What if you could work with a team that’s truly at the top of their game, with professionals who get the job done right, and peers who perform as a winning team? That’s the Ace Family experience!

Every career is a journey, and we create opportunities for you to grow.

Why work at Ace Electric?

  • Your safety is always prioritized above productivity
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Personal and professional development
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Be appreciated and make an impact
  • Positive Ace Family culture

GALLERY Join the Ace Family

A dear friend of mine came to work with Ace several years ago and when we spoke, he would always “pitch” the company to me.  He stressed how Ace treated the employees with respect and never forgot that the employees were the heart and soul of the company.  After much coaxing and when the opportunity presented itself, I joined the team in September 2019.

After 26 years in public safety, Ace offered ME the opportunity for new challenges. Ace Electric is a great example of how private industry drives our economy, supports its community, and provides a pathway for success to their employees. I’m proud to be a part of the ACE TEAM!

Joe C.
Safety Coordinator, Home Office

I love my field guys and all my superintendents; we are like a family.  I have been with Ace Electric, Inc. since March 2008, I started as Project Manager Assistant and I am now Division Administrator.  Ace Electric, Inc. continues to focus on safety, technology and education advancement for all employees.

Lisa M.
Division Administrator, Valdosta Division

I needed to move to Valdosta for family reasons, but my employer would not transfer me. This forced me to look elsewhere.  I now see that God was working to put me in a better, more caring work environment.  One where family was important, and I could feel valued. He opened a door at Ace and blessed me to work here.

Lorhetta R.
Document Control, Ace Engineering & Fabrication

The owners of the company treat everyone like an individual rather than just a number.  When you come to work for Ace Electric, it’s like joining a big family.  It’s not just a place of employment, it’s home.

Sonja M.
Office Manager, Tennessee Division

Ace found me in high school ready to learn and happy to work. The people are the best part. Ace is my family, from the people in the prefab shop to the people on site we are one big family.

Lauren F.
VDC/BIM Modeler, Ace Engineering & Fabrication

I started Ace Electric without any knowledge of electric safety. The growth and information I have gained in my career with Ace has been phenomenal. They provided me with the training and tools to succeed in my profession. Not only has Ace provided me with the education, but they also show support and care to what is going on in your daily lives. The administrators and colleagues are not just coworkers, they are MY ACE FAMILY.

Amy B.
Administrative Assistant, Macon Division

I came to Ace looking for a better job than what I had at the time, and honestly, not much more than that. I never imagined being given the opportunities I have been given over the years. I enjoy working here because every door is open when I need to talk to someone, and I hope others feel the same way. No matter how much we’ve grown and changed over the years, it still feels like one big family.

Matt V.
Project Manager, Valdosta Division

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