Ace Engineering & Fabrication

We are dedicated to continuously evolving in the electrical trade and dynamic construction industry. That’s why our team constructs high-quality, modular work for the modern age.

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Let our expert engineer and design team put you at ease with electrical pre-construction planning and creation.  Ace Engineers are proficient in innovative and complex problem-solving skills from start to finish and collaborate closely with trade partners on each project to reach scheduling and safety goals.  With a persistent focus on high-quality, modern design, we are industry leaders who stay one step ahead.

Why Ace Engineering?

  • Each design is dedicated to improving Safety for us and those around us.
  • We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create a 3D digital model of each project. This helps to detect possible conflicts in the planning phase before the build, improve overall quality, efficiency, and productivity.
  • We bring a commitment to strong project collaboration with every trade.
  • Our team has exceptional planning and project delivery.

red-bracket--bottom-leftE&F 57woman working with hand drill
Ace Fabrication Facility

Our specialty is unique prefabrication custom-made specifically for each project. We build exclusive materials in our climate-controlled facility to not only save time on each jobsite, but to also enhance quality, lasting installations.

Project Benefits of Fabrication

  • Delivers better safety
  • Cost-effective assemblies and electrical systems
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Increased project proficiency
  • Builds with exact specifications for each individual project
  • Multiple quality checks throughout the process by certified and experienced professionals

OFFERING SALES OF MATERIALS & ASSEMBLIES Find your answers to quality builds with Ace Fabrication

  • Temporary Power Skids
  • Underground Conduit Racks
  • In-wall Conduit Assemblies
  • Overhead Lighting Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Data Assemblies
  • UL 508A Control Panels
  • HDPE Duct Bank Spacers
E&F (6)Conduit Assembly

EV CHARGER INSTALLATION Looking to have an EV Charger Installed at your business?

Ace Engineering & Fabrication professionals are ChargePoint certified to install Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in the states of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and the panhandle of North Florida.